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How to take care of your lawn when facing water restrictions


Voluntary water restrictions are currently in effect in Chesterfield County, but that's not stopping folks from trying to keep their lawns green. Professionals say, there are ways to keep your grass healthy and keep from wasting water. 

"During the heat of summer so we can be water wise, you only need to water two to three days a week at the most," said Doug Hensel of the "Great Big Greenhouse" in Chesterfield. 

Chesterfield County is asking its residents to be water wise and according to Hensel, that's easy to do. Your lawn only needs one inch of water per week. Anything more is excessive and will lead to run off.

For Chesterfield resident John Kimball, he knows that to keep his lawn healthy, he must water early in the morning. 

"Using an automated system, we usually water from 2:30 a.m. till 5:00 a.m.," Kimball shares. 

Hensel said it's important to water early in the morning. If you wait until the afternoon, most of the moisture will evaporate.

Chesterfield resident Mike Aylmer said having a nice, green lawn is important. But Hensel said, don't be fooled. Brown grass isn't always bad.

"During the summer, grass goes brown," Hensel said. "It's going to go dormant and that's okay."

But when the grass crunches under your footsteps, that's when it's time for water.

Hensel also said that you don't need an underground irrigation system to make your green grass grow. Just an old fashioned hose and sprinkler should do the trick.

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