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We are finally getting a break from the triple-digit heat, but the drop in temperatures comes with a threat of storms. Meteorologist Ros Runner is tracking a thunderstorm watch for parts of the area.

Car break-ins are on the increase in the Fan. Ben Garbarek shows us an unusual tactic police are using to get people to lock up their valuables.

An 8-year old in Norfolk is recovering after shooting himself in the foot with his father's gun. Police want to charge the father but he's nowhere to be found. Rachel DePompa is following this developing story.

President Obama seems to have picked his latest political fight. He wants to extend tax cuts to some Americans and let them expire for others. We'll have an update from the campaign trail.

Then a story that's fit for Hollywood about a local firefighter who delivers a baby and ends up adopting her as his own.

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Plus, why did Virginia overpay unemployment benefits by more than $450 million? Heather Sullivan investigates coming up at 5:00.