Now at Noon: Humid weather, Wendy's robbed, Bush tax cut debate, Freezer tips

Say goodbye to the heat wave and hello to the humidity. Meteorologist Kevin Jeanes will have a look at the forecast.

Right now, Chesterfield Police are looking for three men accused of robbing the Wendy's restaurant on Hull Street. Officers say they used firearms and bricks to threaten employees. Ashley Monfort will be live from the police precinct with details on the search.

Lawmakers are back to work today and President Obama is reportedly getting ready to stir up the political fires with a call to extend the Bush-era tax cuts - but not for everyone. We'll explain the proposal.

The USDA has released new safety recommendations for freezing your food. So how can you save money by making the most of your freezer? We'll give you the scoop in this consumer alert.

And, if you want some help get your kids off the couch this summer, Bon Secours is live in studio to help. They're throwing a kickoff rally for their Movin Mania event and will share how you can take part.

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