Neighbors lose power during excessive heat warning

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - It's been a rough day for some families living in Richmond. More than 100 people were forced to endure the heat without air conditioning after a power outage in their Southside neighborhood.

Some people have waited days for the power to return. People say the near record-breaking temperatures make it incredibly tough to get comfortable.

Neighbors near Simons Drive and Shermon Road didn't have working AC for several hours Saturday after a tree limb fell on a power line causing the pole to break.

"Yeah, I was in my room and heard the loud crash back there," said Jamel Howard, who lives nearby.

With no power, he's filling up on ice water to beat the triple-digit heat.

"Yeah, it could be a problem," said Howard. "Once I keep drinking and stay hydrated, I'll be alright."

Along with water, Gatorade and ice is going quick at the Pleasants Hardware store on West Broad Street. So are fans and portable air conditioners.

The store just ran out of AC units Friday. Right now, people have the option to buy fans. The assistant store manager says he should be getting in more AC units Tuesday.

In the meantime, Patrick Durkin is buying a heavy duty fan to help distribute the AC more evenly in his home.

"If you can re-circulate that air and get some movement going, it's going to make it more comfortable," added Durkin.

A lot of people have the same thinking as Durkin. Assistant Manager, Charles Dabney says fans are flying off the shelf - about a dozen a day.

Pleasants has one generator left and is selling chainsaws left and right after last week's storms uprooted trees and left tens of thousands in the dark.

"They went quick," said Dabney. "It's a real busy time. We enjoy helping people out and making sure they can cool off."

The power near the Simons Road area was cut off just before 10:00 a.m. and turned back on just after 5:00 Saturday evening.

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