Education Editorial - Ten Commandments

By: Bill Bosher - email

The Giles County School Board and ACLU have reached a settlement in a lawsuit focused on the posting of the Ten Commandments on the walls of Narrows High School.

A student and a parent, who remain anonymous, raised a complaint that posting the Ten Commandments violated the establishment clause of the First Amendment. While the School Board defended that the Commandments were placed with several other historical documents, in May a Federal Court raised questions about the Board's defense and ordered the two sides to mediate.

The Judge in the case even suggested that a potential resolution might be to list only the Ten Commandments that did not mention God… something less than "ten commandments". The mystery of this proposal is clearly paralleled by this week's dismissal of the lawsuit and endorsement of the mediated settlement.

Also, a part of the agreement gives the Judge jurisdiction over the matter for the next eight years. Now listen to the language of a mediated settlement as portrayed by a wire report in the Richmond Times Dispatch, "(The Judge)…dismissed the lawsuit in his endorsement of the settlement, which detailed the substitution of Narrows High School's framed copy of the Ten Commandments with an enlarged image from a textbook that contains a drawing of the stone tablets representing the commandments".

Let's see! The posting of the Commandments is illegal, but the posting of a drawing of the tablets on which God miraculously gave the Commandments is ok. Perhaps we need another Constitutional Amendment…one that prohibits the separation of state and common sense.

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