Failed Delivery

Hi there, it's Sabrina.

A local couple's baby delivery is imminent.  But  their furniture delivery is way overdue.  They bought nearly two thousand dollars worth of furniture from The Roomstore, which has since filed for bankruptcy.  The company says the couple needs to file a claim.  Tonight the Better Business Bureau weighs in on the dispute.

A Virginia fitness club changes it's membership policy after a gay couple files a lawsuit. The two men who're raising a child together say their membership was revoked and their toddler not allowed to swim in the pool.  The Dads say the gym didn't consider them a family.

Fans are rallying behind the lead singer of a Richmond based band who's behind bars in Prague.  Randy Blythe from Lamb Of God is accused in the death of a concert goer.  We've got details of a weekend vigil to raise awareness about his plight.

Before you dine out, check out this week's Restaurant Report.  Tonight at 11, learn what landed a Chesterfield restaurant on the critical list.