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Acts of Kindness: Older couple adopts children


Three young children whose lives were in crisis, living with domestic violence, in and out of shelters, now have a stable home with loving parents. Today, a Bon Secours employee is paying it forward to the co-workers who in their mid-fifties are proud, new parents again. She says the Smiths deserve our Acts of Kindness. 

Everette Smith and his wife Kathleen have raised four children, helped raise 9 grandchildren and this year they welcomed 3 and a half year old twins, Sean and Dylan, and their 5 and a half year old sister Kimberly. 

"We've been empty nesters for so long and now we've got 3 little one under the age of six living with us again," Everette said. 

The Smith's had been thinking and praying about becoming foster parents when they learned their great niece and nephews were living in turmoil in Nevada. 

"Alcohol was involved, there was domestic violence on both father and mother's part," he explained. 

The Smith's felt called to intervene. They traveled to Vegas and brought the children back to Virginia for good. 

"Starting over again with little children in our mid 50's is a road that we were willing to take," Everette said. "The father's rights have been terminated, the mother just signed over her rights and last night we had our adoption home study. We love them like we did our own." 

Bon Secours staff have helped with supplies for the kids. 

"I own a minivan, I had to make two trips to bring everything they gave us," he said. 

"He came up here the one night for dinner, him and his wife and the kids," added Lori Hines. "I've seen him with them and they're so cute." 

St. Mary's cook Lori Hines says Everette is a doting dad who likes to talk about his family, a recent conversation inspired her to contact us. 

Lori Hines: "When he told me about everything that he needed for his daughter going to school, I figured he could use a little help, what better way."
Sabrina Squire: "Here's $100, $200, $300."
Lori Hines: "Thank you very much. I'm sure that it will help him with his children." 

She let Everette's supervisor in on the surprise. Lori says Everette is so kind to everyone else, she's happy to pay it forward.   

Lori Hines: "I'm the one that brought you here. Are you familiar with the Channel 12 Acts of Kindness? I had written them a letter about you and your children and about your daughter going to be starting kindergarten...and I'm sure the boys need things, they gave me $300 to give to you to help you with that so I'd like to give this to you- $100, $200, $300."
Everette Smith: "This is great and we appreciate it and this definitely is a sign that God is blessing us thru all this. 

Everette says raising young kids in mid life has its challenges, but he recommends others consider it. 

"There're so many children in the system that need loving homes," he said. "It's making us feel young again, it really is."

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