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National Weather Service confirms tornado in Hanover County


The National Weather Service has just confirmed an EF-0 tornado paved a 4.5 mile path in Mechanicsville, reaching winds up to 80 MPH. It was on the ground periodically as it ripped through Hanover County.

Neighbors, who say they saw the tornado, are still reliving the terrifying moments of Saturday night.

"It almost looked like a water vortex," said neighbor, Martin Kent.

"As soon as it started hailing, I knew it wasn't going to be good," added Matt Roane.

The wind uprooted a large oak tree which crashed down on an elderly couple's home off Mechanicsville turnpike. It damaged the front steps and part of the chimney.

Lumberjack Matt Mac and his crew spent hours in the 90 degree heat cutting down this 150-year-old oak that's close to five feet wide.

Over on Williamsville Road, a large tree up-rooted nearly missing a home with a 91-year-old man inside. He was also without power all night.

EMS crews took the homeowner to the hospital. He fell and tripped because couldn't see in the dark.

Matt Roane lives nearby. He rushed into his basement when he says he saw a twister.

"When I saw it, it was starting to rotate, then I saw it start to come down and it was hailing, it was time to seek shelter," said Roane. "My adrenaline was pumping. My main thing was getting my dog and getting somewhere safe."

Not too far away on Studley Farms Lane, Martin Kent also saw a twister. Shortly after, a large Oak Tree crashed through his bedroom.

"I would say it was probably 30 to 40 feet tall," said Kent. "It was a very strange looking vortex-almost like spinning water."

The tarp that covers his roof now is a common look in this area after Mother Nature showed little mercy in this community.

Several roads were still closed in Hanover County Sunday due to downed trees and power lines.

Deputies with the Hanover County Sheriff's Department continue to direct cars on some of those roads. Be sure to obey the VDOT road block signs.

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