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Possible tornado damage in Hanover County

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Hanover County was slammed with some of the worst weather, Saturday night. The area was among several communities under a tornado warning and now neighbors are wondering if damage in Studley is in fact the result of a twister.

Since so many people are now dealing with more damage and power outages, several cooling shelters will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Sunday. Those sites are:

The circling clouds quickly turned to hammering winds in Studley, blowing through a fireworks show of bold lightning and in some cases, hail.

"I mean you could see the rain coming through, trees falling, trash, things getting lifted off the ground; it was chaotic," said Andrew Samuels.

"It just sounded like my house was about to fall down, cave down," said Shawn Anson.

In the dark of night, a carpet of broken, twisted leaves and branches covered the roads. A thick fog rose from the ground, fresh with the scent of new lumber.

"Trees all over, power lines down," Samuels said.

In one yard, a tree narrowly missed a truck. Beside it, another tree fell, narrowly missing a house.

Tree after tree rests across Williamsville Road, near Studley, and on Pole Green.

"We've heard 301 is down, Studley is down, 360 has parts that are down, so it's like following a maze trying to figure out how to get home," said Judy Kirby.

Before emergency crews could get to the Studley area, neighbors found chainsaws and tractors to clear the road. Power lines could be seen, broken overhead. The cleanup process is slow, but everyone is pitching in.

"People doing the neighborly thing," said Kirby.

Now, neighbors are questioning whether it was in fact a tornado that blew through the area so quickly, leaving such a mess behind.

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