Hot, Hot, Hot

Happy Friday from Gray. If you are not ready for the heat, too late. It will be a hot weekend. Expect temperatures in the triple digits. Andrew breaks down just how hot it will get and when we might see some relief.

This morning, pomp and circumstance for a new bridge project years in the making. The first half of the new Huguenot Bridge is set to open this weekend.

This morning, the search continues for a missing Chesterfield County man. 65-year-old Raul Castro-Reyes was last seen around noon yesterday at his home on Lake Hills Road. He was wearing a light brown long sleeve shirt and black pants. If you see him, call Chesterfield Police at 748-1251.

Breaking News: A body was been found in one of the estimated 346 homes burned by a raging wildfire in Colorado. Plus, the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot and killed Trayvon Martin will again ask a judge to let him out of jail on bond.

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