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Your dishwasher at home sanitizes dishes by reaching very hot temperatures. The state Health Department, however, requires restaurants to use liquid sanitizer. But the manager of one restaurant points out that some dishwashers sanitize by heat, too, to help keep you safe.

Skillagalee has been serving fresh fish at 5416 Glenside Drive in Henrico for 42 years. Said General Manager Ed Freeman, "We only do fresh seafood."

Freeman and Executive Chef Roger Bulgher have both worked at Skillagalee for decades and say they make sure things are done right.

Said Freeman, "There's always someone here that is ServSafe Certified. We have the Health Department come in and do mini-classes."

When Skillagalee had 4 critical violations on a recent health inspection, they fixed the problems immediately. The inspector had detected there was no sanitizer in the bar dishwasher. But Freeman told us no glasses ever went unsanitized.

"Even if the sanitizer is out, the heat that is generating by the heat booster sanitizes the glasses," Freeman explained. He also showed us that the liquid sanitizer, which had simply run out, has been replenished.

Executive Chef Roger Bulgher also showed us that a box of lemons were moved out from under the raw eggs in the walk-in refrigerator, and that scallops chilling on ice are kept at the proper 41 degrees.

Bulgher explained, "We had a gallon of scallops sitting in the ice. So when she did the temperature at the top of it, it was 3 degrees off. So we rotated it, took the temperature, it was corrected right then."

Skillagalee had no critical violations on a re-inspection a month later.

In Chesterfield, China Max inside Chesterfield Towne Center at 11500 Midlothian Turnpike had 4 critical violations. The report says an employee didn't use soap to wash their hands and the bourbon chicken was sitting an improper temperature. All violations were corrected in time for the re-inspection 3 days later.

There haven't been any critical violations at Chili's at VCU for two years. The restaurant at the corner of West Cary and Belvidere in Richmond wins the NBC 12 Hall of Fame award for acing five out of six inspections.

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