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ACTS OF KINDNESS: Paying it forward to the mother of a murdered child

NBC12 is paying it forward to a Richmond mother, beloved for her generosity towards the elderly and children in her Churchill neighborhood. After her own child was recently found murdered, a family friend says this devastated mom could really use an Act of Kindness.

Shelia Green opens an envelope filled with treasures — pictures of her five children, precious memories of her first born, the daughter she buried back in March.

"It's a hard struggle, I never imagined losing one of my children," said Sheila.

21-year-old Tiffany Green's life was taken, police say, by her ex-boyfriend Alvin Marshall, who harassed, stalked and shot her several times in her Henrico apartment.

"He devastated my family circle, and what he took from us we can never get back."

"She's been going through a lot, but she's still been maintaining and helping out doing what she do best," said family friend Horace Christian.

What Shelia does best, said Horace, is care for neighbors in need — especially children...

"She loves children, that's one of her top things in this world is children," said Horace.

...and the elderly.

"She gives them rides, she takes them different places, do errands out of the kindness of her heart. She do more for them than she do for herself."

Horace said Shelia helped him get through some tough times.

"She helped me when I didn't have a job and she looked out, she gave me support, encouraged me to keep your head up, just stick in there, you know it's plenty of jobs out there."

Horace found a job with Henrico Public Schools and wants to recognize the friend who encouraged him and so many others.

Sabrina: "Because you want to pay it forward, here's one-hundred, two-hundred, three-hundred dollars."

Horace: "I want to do this on behalf of her daughter, Tiffany Green."

He said Tiffany was also a friend and his neighbor.

Horace: "She was a real good person, she was just like her mom, love to help people."

He asked Tiffany's mom Shelia to come to the park that she and her daughter visited so often.

Horace: "I just want to do this in memory of her —  one, two, three hundred. Thanks for being such a good friend.

Sheila: "Thank you."

Shelia tells me she's now raising her grandchild, Tiffany's daughter. The whole family's trying to adjust to the loss.

Sheila: "It's been very tough losing my angel, it's just been so hard, trying to keep the family together. I thank you, Horace, for doing this because the $300 you just gave me, I will be putting this toward Tiffany's funeral expense and her tombstone, so thank you for looking out for me and I love you for being you."

Horace: "It feel good, it's just what she deserve."

Shelia said she'll be in the courtroom when the man accused of killing her daughter goes on trial August 29.

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