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Water restrictions affect several counties


Some people are being urged to conserve water, so that one important water source doesn't dry up.

This affects a lot of people from Chesterfield to Dinwiddie Counties who rely on Lake Chesdin for water. the Appomattox River Water Authority is imposing these voluntary restrictions now.

Recently, there hasn't been much rain to fill it. Leaders don't want levels to get anywhere near where they did just a couple summers ago.

Lake Chesdin is a peaceful get-away for Joan Abernathy. For others, it's their form of fun, but  for many this is where they get their water to live.

"Several years ago, when we had no water here, it was a main concern because there was a lot of wildlife out here," said neighbor Joan Abernathy. "It's not just about getting out on our boats and jet skis."

It's about conserving a natural resource. The Appomattox River Authority urges neighbors to use as little water as possible. The level in Lake Chesdin is 12 inches below the top of the dam. That's what triggered the voluntary water restriction for people living in Petersburg, Colonial Heights, Dinwiddie, Prince George, and parts of Chesterfield County.

"People who live in this area do take it more seriously after what we went through a couple summers ago," Abernathy added.

In 2010 levels go so low, Abernathy could walk around out here where water stands right now. She doesn't want to see that happen again.

The River Authority encourages people to water their lawns at night, and limit the amount of time they run their hose when washing their cars and filling swimming pools.

It's advice neighbor Alan Franklin takes seriously.

"It concerns me," said Franklin. "You try to make your property look good and keep the grass green. It always concerns me when the lake starts to get low."

That's why the River Authority is warning neighbors to conserve this natural resource so many people depend on.

Water levels at lake Chesdin would have to be about 40 more inches below the top of the dam for the River Authority to impose mandatory restrictions.

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