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Attorney targeted in shooting talks about ordeal


A Chesterfield attorney talked Friday about the frightening moments outside a law office where a man is accused of opening fire on him.

41-year-old Mark Lowe remains in jail without bond after he appeared in court Friday by closed-circuit television.

Attorney David DeFazio did not attend the hearing for the man accused of trying to shoot him.

The images haunt the family law attorney and father of two.

"Still thinking about everything that happened, a lot," said DeFazio.

One day after he said Lowe fired a rifle at him, DeFazio recounts the horror outside his Courthouse Road office.

Defazio said he was about ten feet from the building when Lowe pulled up abruptly at the curb and called out his name.

"He had the rifle starting to come up level and I didn't wait any longer," said DeFazio.

DeFazio sprinted toward the door to take cover inside.

"As I'm in the lobby I saw the bullet hit the drywall in front of me," said DeFazio.

The shattered glass is now boarded up. Police said the attack came hours after Lowe had a child custody hearing.

DeFazio said he'd been expecting a judge's order so the case was fresh on his mind.

"I've been involved in a case with him that's been going on for a number of years now and it's just kind of come to a bitter conclusion lately," said DeFazio.

DeFazio has practiced mostly family law for 14 years, six of those in Chesterfield.

He said he knows he's made people mad before, but never felt threatened.   

DeFazio, a father of a 10-year-old boy and 12-year-old girl, sat his children down to explain the chaos that has left him shaken.  

"They're what's important. They're what I work for. The job of attorney is just what I provide for them. It so often defines you, but really it's the kids I work for, and you question why am I in a line of work that can make someone so mad," said DeFazio.

Lowe will return to court in September where a judge will decide whether there's probable cause to send the case to a grand jury.

Lowe has retained an attorney, but declined comment on the case.

DeFazio took the day off. He says he plans to ease back into work.

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