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Several scams are making the rounds that you need to watch out for. American Airlines is not emailing you, and an old scam called the Pigeon Drop is making a come back. Plus, there is a warning for service members using the TRICARE Health Program.

If you're flying American Airlines watch out for a recent scam email. Crooks want you to think it's a flight confirmation email. There's a link to click that will take you to a malicious website. Delete this one if it shows up in your inbox. Remember, American Airlines will never send you an email with attachments or ask you to download any links. If you have questions contact American Airlines directly. The company provides some safety tips here.

We've told you about this scam before and it appears to be happening again. It's called the Pigeon Drop Scam. Here's how it works -- crooks will claim they have found a large amount of money and want to share.All they ask is that you put up some of your own money to show "trust." When the stranger has your money, they hand over a bag containing what is believed to be the large sum of money and disappear. The victim then finds themselves holding a bag of worthless paper.

Joint Base Langley-Fort Eustis has posted a scam warning on its Facebook page. It warns service members to watch for checks with the official TRICARE logo, with directions from American Mega Lottery Payment. Crooks are trying to get your personal and financial information. If you get it, here's what you should do. Throw out the check. Do not call the claims agent to activate it. Do not deposit the check into your account and do not complete the form and mail it back. TRICARE is aware of the scam. Click here for more information. 

For many of these online scams you can report it to the Internet Crime Complaint Center at IC3.Gov.

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