Lost Dogs: Have you seen Colt and Ethyl?

Colt is a two-year-old and is the son of Ethyl. Colt is about 45 lbs and is a reddish brown with a little bit of white on his chest, his tail curls over his back. Ethyl is Colt's mom and is about seven. She is very sweet and timid. She is mostly white with lemon (orangeish tan) spots and she shows some age. She had just weaned puppies when someone took them both out of our front pasture mid April. Whoever took them took off Colts collar, we found it unbuckled in the pasture.

Colt and Ethyl were last seen on 4/14/2012 in the Jetersville neighborhood of Amelia. If you have any information about these dogs, please contact Merle Davis at 804-389-0649.