Refrigerator temp lands lounge on June 7 Restaurant Report

You may not check the temperature in your refrigerator very often. But the State Health Department says it's critical for restaurants to do it, to make sure foods are cold enough to keep them safe.

Andy's Restaurant and Lounge at 412 England Street in Hanover was told to throw out some cooked hamburger patties because the refrigerator holding them was 47 degrees. It's supposed to be at least 41 degrees to prevent the growth of bacteria. Andy's had 4 critical violations, but the owner says all were fixed immediately while the inspector was still on site.

In Richmond, Niwanohana Japanese Restaurant at 1309 East Cary Street had 6 critical violations. The report says some whipped cream was stored on the floor at room temperature, and some chef knives were not clean. The restaurant was told to discard the cream and wash the knives, which they did among fixing other violations during the inspection. Niwanohana had no critical violations on a follow-up inspection two weeks later.

And finally, Kebab & Biryani at 2452 Old Brick Road in Henrico had 5 critical violations. The inspector noted that employees handled the bread with bare hands and didn't wash hands after touching chicken. Violations were corrected during the inspection.

This week's NBC 12 Hall of Fame Award winner is Alberto's Pizzeria at 2619 Broad Rock Road in Richmond. Alberto's has been acing health inspections for the last two years.

A new Puerto Rican restaurant specializes in making potato balls. Said Jasmine Zepeda with El Relleno de Papa, "A lot of American people love the potato ball. They're fascinated with it."

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