Now at Noon: Redskins to Richmond, Wet Wednesday, Breast Cancer Test

We're following a developing story involving the Washington Redskins moving their summer training camp to Richmond. Deon Guillory will have the latest details.

Renovations are complete at Saint Joseph's Villa in Henrico County. The campus serves the needs of more than 500 special needs students and their parents daily. Ashley Monfort will look at the changes.

We once again have a chance of showers throughout the day. Meteorologist Kevin Jeanes will be in the First Warning Weather Center for a look at conditions.

There's encouraging news in the war on breast cancer. A new study suggests a simple blood test may be able to provide some answers about whether or not the disease will come back. We'll explain the potential impact.

Plus, we're on your side to help you with your pet problems. Our expert, Dr. Paul Howard, will join us live to answer your questions.

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