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Beware of spammers on Pinterest


We know the spammers and scammers go where the people are and right now Pinterest is looking to find them.

One spammer said during an interview that he is making $1000 a day on Pinterest just sending out spam.

However, you don't have to get pinned down by the spammers and scammers. Cyber experts have some advice:


1. Spammers may create a pin on a popular topic and then tag your name in the message

2. This tag might get you or your friends to click on a link in the pin which then serves up spam or leads them to a malicious software site


1. Research: If you get an email notice that someone is following you, do your research and look at their pins on their board

2. Ratio of Following to Followers: Look for telltale signs like they have very few followers but they are only following a few people

3. Mismatched Topics: Does the board title match the pins?

4. Report it!: Use the "Report Pin" button on Pinterest to report spam or anything suspicious

5. is the only Pinterest web site: Don't trust other variations of the web site name.

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