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More Bang for your Buck: Business liquidation by auction

When businesses close their doors for good, sometimes they're left with excess merchandise.

When USA Baby went bankrupt, it still had a bunch of merchandise that didn't sell.

Now Motley's will auction off more than 250 lots online. It's your chance to get very high-end nursery items at extremely reduced rates.

"It's all of their furniture, cribs, crib sets, lamps, toys, bedrails guard rails, pretty much everything in the store that didn't sell during their last liquidation sale," said Emilia Lanwehr for Motley's Auctions.

USA Baby had the reputation for selling quality furniture, but the pricetag was out of reach for many.

Now you've got a chance to nab this brand new merchandise for a fraction of the price.

"It was retailing in the $800–$900 range, you have a great chance of getting it for maybe $200 or $300 which is a great price for anyone starting out."

Some items will be sold individually; others, as combined lots.

It's an opportunity for parents to fill their nursery and businesses to stock their stores at a discount.

Restaurant equipment is sold at auction all the time, but retailers hiring auction houses is not that common. It's catching on as another choice for owners trying to clear their shelves.

The sports store at Westchester Commons is full of product, but it's doors are locked.

Every item in here will be sold for less than retail when it hits the virtual auction block.

More than 700 lots of sporting equipment are being auctioned on e-bid local.

If you're into soccer, baseball, tennis or skateboarding, you can enjoy your favorite pastime without spending a fortune.

Both online auctions close next Thursday.

USA Baby liquidation auction - link

eBID LOCAL sporting goods auction - link

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