Now at Noon: Wet Wednesday, RIC Arrest, Eyelash Extensions

There's a lot of rain on First Warning Doppler Radar. Ros Runner has details on how long it will stick around.

A bizarre ride to Richmond International Airport ends with a cab rider in handcuffs. Airport officials say a man disputing his cab fare went on a tirade and attacked several police officers. Ben Garbarek explains what happened.

Mitt Romney has been declared the "presumed Republican nominee" for president after winning Texas. We'll have the latest on his campaign and the birther issue that seems to be following Romney around the campaign trail.

Eyelash extensions are the latest beauty trend, but the pricey procedure is costing some women their real lashes! We'll tell you why in a health alert.

Before we watch the Olympics in London later this summer, the Special Olympics will be in Richmond next week. Holly Claytor is our live studio guest to tell you how you can help to people with special challenges accomplish great athletic feats.

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