Friend gives support after life-threatening illness and violent attack

We all love celebrating good times with our friends. Even better, is having a friend who helps you get through the rough times.

A Chesterfield woman is paying it forward to the friend she said supported her and her fiancee after a life-threatening illness and a violent attack.

"She's been a godsend. She is my best friend, she is my very best friend."

Only a few months ago, Jamie Fogazzi and Thelma Geiger feared their friendship and their lives might end, when they were targeted by an armed robber near their neighborhood restaurant.

"That was very scary, we were lucky to be alive, I though we were goners," said Thelma.

"He hit me in the face, fractured my cheekbone in three places," said Jamie.

As Jamie recovered from multiple surgeries, her fiance was diagnosed with colon cancer.

"The doctors didn't even know if he would make it."

The couple was challenged physically and financially. Their friends Thelma and her husband had a raffle at the same restaurant near the scene of the robbery.

"She set up a benefit and yard sale, got people to donate stuff. They raised over $2,077 for us."

Jaime said Thelma has held many benefits for co-workers and other friends.

"This is something that Thelma does wholeheartedly, she doesn't ask for a thing, she just enjoys helping other people."

Sabrina - "It moves my heart to present you with one-hundred, two-hundred, three-hundred dollars, can't wait to meet Thelma."

Jamie - "Thank you!"

The plan was to meet Thelma at her job at the Ironbridge Wawa. It almost backfired — as soon as we arrived, we saw Thelma about to leave.

Jamie - "Hi sugar, I love you."

Thelma - "I love you too."

Sabrina - "Are you Thelma?"

Thelma - "Yes ma'am."

Sabrina - "I've heard a lot about you! Sabrina Squire, Channel 12, so nice to meet you.

Thelma - "Nice to meet you, too."

Sabrina - "Heard a lot about your giving heart."

Thelma - "Thank you."

Sabrina - "Your best friend thinks you're an angel."

Jamie - "You are my angel, and I am here to present you, that's one, two, that's three-hundred dollars for your Act of Kindness, for all you've done for me and for Glen and to let you know it does not go unnoticed and that I love you.

Thelma - "I love you too, but it was to help you."

Jamie - "I know (hug)."

Thelma's daughter had kept the secret and kept her mom from leaving work.

"I think it's awesome, good to give back to other people."

Mom was moved to tears.

Thelma - "Very much so."

Sabrina - "So tell me what do you think about this little Act of Kindness presentation?"

Thelma - "Certainly wasn't expected, I was just trying to do something to help her and Glen."

After all, she says, that's what friends do.

"We're family," said Jamie.

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