Lost Dog: Have you seen Bo?

Bo is a rotty/lab/shepherd mix. Bo went missing approximately 10:30 pm 05/25/2012 from our fenced-in back yard in Matoaca VA. He and his 2 brothers were last seen approximately 10 pm. His two brothers were still there when we went to let them in at 11 pm.

He is 17 months old, neutered, up to date on all shots, on heartworm prevention. He has no collar on since he has always been inside the house and in the fenced in backyard and they chew them off each other.

He is black and tan with unique marking around the eyes. Looks like eyeliner around both eyes like an Egyptian Cleopatra eyes.

His mother was a Rottweiler and not sure of the father but the vet says he thinks it is rotty and lab and shepherd in their blood. He is very gentle and loves kids. He is a couch potato.

He is part of our family, one of our kids. We believe he was taken because both gates were closed, no holes were dug under the fence and if he had jumped the gate the other two would have followed. He is inseparable from his brothers. They are always together and do everything together. All we want is to have Bo back with his family. My family and I rescued them when they were a couple of weeks old and hand raised them. They are part of our family. If you or someone you know has any information please call.  There will be no questions asked. I hope and pray that we are wrong and he is just lost and that he is found safe and sound.

If you've seen this dog, please call Renee Newton at 892-8084 or 892-8085.