May 24 Restaurant Report: Critical Violations

Dishes, pans and utensils not only have to be washed, the State Health Department requires that they are sanitized with sanitizer too to keep you safe from germs.

Me'Kong Restaurant at 6004 West Broad Street in Henrico had four critical violations on its inspection. We met an operator outside and asked him about one of the critical violations.

"There was an issue with a cook that dropped the tongs on the floor?" we asked.

"Oh, no I don't think so," he told us.

"Yes, that's what the report said, the tongs were dropped on the floor, they washed them but they didn't sanitize them. So was that just retraining them to make sure everything was done properly?"

"Yeah, I just got here, I'm going home in a minute," he answered.

He didn't address that issue with us, but did say what the report also says, that violations were corrected during the inspection.

"I took care of that right away."

The restaurant had two critical on a follow-up inspection. The report says one was corrected on sight.

Moving to Chesterfield, Extra Billy's Smokehouse and Brewery at 1110 Alverser drive had 4 critical violations. The inspector noted heavy fly activity in the kitchen. Violations were fixed during the inspection. The restaurant had two critical on the follow-up.

Owner Judy Harr sent us the following statement: "The staff at Extra Billy's quickly corrected the violations and continues to work along with the health department to maintain the high standards of a quality kitchen."

This week's NBC12 Hall of Fame Award goes to Papa John's Pizza, 9038 West Broad Street in Henrico for getting perfect scores on their health inspections.

They make hundreds of pizzas every day, under the watchful eye of manager Corey Maraffi, who is ServSafe certified.

Maraffi told us, "It is a work in progress. It takes the entire team to get involved. It's clean as you go, see something spilled, clean up right away."