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Car-crash victim pays it forward to friend


The past few weeks, I've been hitting the streets in Richmond and Henrico catching people on the spot who're willing to pay it forward with $300. Today, I return to where our Acts of Kindness journey began nearly two years ago — the Midlothian area of Chesterfield County.

Midday along Midlothian Turnpike can get pretty busy. My homemade sign attracted a lot of attention outside Sycamore Square.

Right away, I was sure I'd found someone ready to help.

"Do you know someone who could really use a $300 Act of Kindness? Come on over."

She didn't come over, but twenty minutes later, Dori Moore did. She'd spotted our sign.

"I was driving that way, I actually did a U-turn to come back."

Dori was from Powhatan, a jewelry designer and pianist with a penchant for Beethoven. Immediately she struck a chord. The car-crash victim has empathy for people who're hurting.

"I have sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis and spinal stenosis and this kinda acts as my spine, it keeps me standing upright"

And even though she just gets by on disability...

"I'm actually headed toward the Goodwill Store to try to find some more sundresses."

...she wanted to give me a few bucks.

I asked Dori if she knew someone we could both pay it forward to. She told me about the friend who's like a second mom.

Sabrina - "You wanted to give us money, but we want to give you $300 to pass on: one-hundred, two-hundred, three-hundred dollars."

Dori - "Oh my god, okay let's go give her this."

We followed Dori to south Richmond where her wheelchair-bound friend, Helen, still lives in the home her father built.

Dori - "This is the channel 12 news team. They were trying to find somebody that could use a break, and with your a/c breaking down and the cost of your medicines, I knew that you could use some help."

Sabrina - "Thank you for being our Act of Kindness recipient."

Dori - "For all the kindness you've shown me and all the support you've given me over the years, here's one-hundred, two-hundred, three-hundred dollars to put towards your new a/c/o."

Helen - "Thank you!"

Dori - "You're so welcome."

Sabrina - "We hope this will be helpful."

Helen - "I tell you, when your car breaks down, you a/c goes, your door goes, everything. Well thank you so much really."

If there's an organization or individual you believe deserves an Act of Kindness, e-mail me. Remember, it cannot be a relative.

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