Education Editorial: Graduation Behavior

By: Bill Bosher - email

The education business is an exciting field because our academic years are anchored by big beginnings and endings. College and high school students are graduating over the next month, and thousands of young people across the state will receive degrees and diplomas recognizing years of work to master skills and knowledge. Having participated in more 250 commencements, they have always been marked by pomp as well as families, students, and teachers celebrating experiences that could not be revoked.

For most participants, it was a day of recognition, rewards, and respect. But, the years of "action" research do not suppress the dark side of graduation…the disrespectful. While their behavior seems to be more instinctive than learned, they warrant a "David Letterman" like "Top Ten" for the most obnoxious graduation attendees.

10) Never sit when you can stand in front of someone,

9) Arriving early is foolish because you will never see the program,

8) The decibels produced by family and friends is far more important than a degree,

7) Dress is optional,

6) A photo opportunity trumps decorum,

5) Never whisper when you can shout,

4) Look at me,

3) We must leave after our student's name is called,

2) Jumping into the processional is fine if it's my son or daughter,

1) Air horns are a status symbol. The obnoxious are clearly in the minority, but they should not be able to steal the program from everyone else!

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