12 On Your Side: AmeriGas Follow-up

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - We compiled a complaint list, based on calls to call 12. AmeriGas requested that list and immediately started contacting the people we identified as having problems with America's largest propane distributor.

Each has a different quarrel with America's largest propane distributor, but the common denominator is in their comments about AmeriGas.

"I just don't want to go through the hassle. I'm finished. I'll go back to Wood," said Janie Worrell.

"We don't want you. Don't come on our property. We are so angry with you," Erin Russell said.

"I don't want a relationship with them," added Lori Wood.

"I've asked them to come get their gas and leave me alone," Glenn Harrell said.

State law and excessive fees make it tough to switch suppliers...tank rental fees, low usage fees, disconnect fees, fees to pump out gas and dig up the tank. In Virginia it's criminal for anyone other than the owner to fill the tank.

"I'm not their customer. They talk about me purchasing a tank that I own. I am not going to purchase a tank that I own. I'm getting bullied," Glenn Harrell said.

Glenn says AmeriGas made an unauthorized delivery so he put a lock on the underground tank and refused to pay the $800 bill. 12 got involved. Now, AmeriGas is offering to sign over the tank to Glenn, pay Glenn $1.99 a gallon for the gas, and put it in writing that Glenn is not their customer.

"They charge people whatever they want it seems. It might be 4 and a half dollars a gallon. They might charge somebody else the same week, $5 a gallon," Lori Wood said.

Lori Wood got two bills in 30 days totaling $2,200. She's livid about the rates. AmeriGas is offering her a 'lock in' rate for one year or she can buy the tank for eight hundred dollars. Transferring the title to another supplier may also be an option.

"They owe me $580 and I want my money," said Erin Russell.

Erin Russell says she called to cancel but AmeriGas made a delivery anyway and billed her a thousand dollars. She's getting back $511 for what she left in the tank when she moved.

"That's why I called you guys because I didn't know which way to turn," said Janie Worrell.

AmeriGas is returning a $100 disconnect fee to Janie Worrell. They picked up her above ground tank and the gas after an unauthorized fill up.

"I happened to see the ticket there. I said they delivered propane and I didn't know it," Janie explained.

They all thanked us for getting them results. Those checks and written statements should arrive in the next couple weeks.18 people were on the list. I reached out to the Richmond office for additional comments, but AmeriGas Corporate said, quote "We prefer to let our actions speak for themselves."

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