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Paying it forward to a school bus driver


Sometimes it takes a village to pay it forward.

I hit the streets in Henrico at the White Oak Shopping Village to find someone ready on the spot to pass on a $300 Act of Kindness.

I was certain my sign would get attention from all the traffic on South Laburnam Avenue.

Sure enough, it took less than 10 minutes to make the right connection. To my surprise it came from a customer who called out from the nearby 7-11.

Sabrina - "Hello there, how are you doing? We're with Acts of Kindness, we're paying it forward to someone in need or supporting good deeds."

Michelle - "Oh, that's nice."

Michelle Johnson, a bus driver with Henrico Public Schools, was making a pit stop before her afternoon drive.

Michelle - "I'm going to recommend my girlfriend Carolyn Ross."

Sabrina - "What's going on with your girlfriend Carolyn that she could use $300?"

Michelle -  "Well, Carolyn and I both drive for the school bus and we both get paid once a month, but her husband had lost his job and she has been trying to take care the whole house by herself and he just recently starting working one day, so she really could use it cause she been really scrambling."

Let's hope Michelle can track down her bus driver friend.

Michelle - "Answer the phone, Carolyn... hey Poo, hold on a second, guess what — I got a surprise for... I can't tell you what the surprise is, but have you left home?

Turns out Carolyn was about to begin her route, we'd have to meet her at the bus stop.

Michelle - "She gonna be on bus 18 soon as you get to Byrd, she's right in front."

Sabrina - "You've got to pay it forward to her, we're following you."

Michelle - "So I'm gonna have to take y'all to Byrd?

Sabrina - "Yeah."

After we take care of business.

Sabrina - "Here's one hundred, two hundred, three hundred.

Michelle - "We're going to Byrd Middle."

Sabrina - "Well let's go, let's go."

We follow Michelle across the street to her bus and she assures us she's cleared things with her bosses.

"I called my supervisor and told them what was happening and we would be a little late getting to our elementary schools and she said that would be just fine."

So we're ready for a cool ride across town from east to western Henrico. It takes just under 30 minutes to get to Byrd.

When we arrive, Carolyn Ross is more than surprised. She's petrified at the thought of being on camera. It took some serious coaxing to get her to open the bus door .

Michelle - "Cmon down the steps woman. Carolyn, NBC has this thing called pay it forward, I had to pick someone who I felt deserved it, so I picked my best friend Carolyn who I've known over 20 years. And I know you've been working hard , scrambling, so from NBC and from me here's 300 cash dollars for the help for what you do, cause I love you so much.

Their embrace embodies every year of their 20 friendship.

Sabrina - "Is that little Act of Kindness going to help?"

Carolyn - "Of course, yes I appreciate it."

Sabrina - "What do you think about what your friend has done?"

Carolyn - "I'm gonna kill her, but I thank her."

And we thank both of you.

Carolyn - "Thank you so much, Michelle."

You never know where Acts of Kindness will make an appearance.

Keep your eyes peeled, we'll be searching for our next $300 recipient.

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