Restaurant owner: "Everyone's health is in our hands"

Temperature and hand washing violations landed two restaurants on this week's Critical List.

This week's Restaurant Report begins at Cracker Barrel, 12401 Redwater Creek Road in Chesterfield, which had 4 critical violations, including that an employee handled raw sausage patties, then pancakes, without washing their hands in between.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc., sent us a statement about the inspection:

"Please know that the isolated critical violations at our Chester, Va. location were corrected the same day as the inspection. "The Quality Assurance Department from Cracker Barrel's Home Office conducted a follow up discussion with the General Manager to ensure that both the Health Department's and Cracker Barrel's internal standards are maintained.

"In addition, the follow up inspection conducted by the Department of Health noted that all violations from their previous inspection were corrected. Cracker Barrel has systems and processes in place to ensure that all our quality standards are met. Food safety is one critical component of those standards. We strive everyday to ensure that all food served at our restaurants is of the highest quality and safe to eat."

The restaurant had all problems fixed and earned a perfect score on a follow-up inspection ten days later.

Moving to Henrico, M Bistro and Wine Bar at 4821 Old Main Street had 5 critical violations. Among them, the report says ham slices in the make table and stock on the stove were not kept at proper temperatures. The restaurant corrected its violations during the inspection and sent us a written statement:

"M Bistro & Wine Bar is committed to the highest standards of service for our customers and to the food safety guidelines that have been set forth by the Virginia Department of Health.

"While there were several critical violations cited during our last health inspection, each violation was rectified immediately and none of the violations posed any risk to our customers.

"We are continually working to improve our processes as it relates to Virginia Department Health guidelines and will continue to move forward providing an outstanding dining experience for our customers."

You can enjoy Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food at this week's NBC12 Hall of Fame Award winner, Coliseum Deli and Market, 1335 West Broad Street in Richmond. The family run deli aced three of it's last four inspections and hasn't had a critical violation in two years.

Owner Abbas Jahangiri told us, "It's important for everybody because everyone's health is in our hands. Therefore, we take pride in cleanliness and cooking."