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Letter from AmeriGas VP

I am writing to follow-up on your recent inquiries regarding certain AmeriGas customers. We have been in contact with (or are in the process of contacting) each of the individuals you identified in order to address their concerns directly.   

With more than 16,000 AmeriGas customers in the greater Richmond area, we take our commitment to customer service very seriously.  Our team works hard to make every customer experience positive, so disappointing even a handful customers out of more than 16,000 falls short of our goal of complete satisfaction. 

We've made a number of improvements in our Richmond office over the last ten months to strengthen our focus on customer service.  We began by transferring in a talented and proven manager to lead the effort.  The manager quickly identified the need for a new phone system to assure that our customers can get prompt service when they need it.  The system was installed three months ago, and our ability to respond quickly to customer inquiries has improved dramatically.

We've also taken steps, through improved training, to provide our Customer Relations Representatives with the tools they need to deal with as many customer inquiries as possible on a one-call basis.

Finally, all of our invoices contain a special 24 hour hotline number (800-427-4968) so that customers know how to reach us in urgent situations, or if they have difficulty reaching the Richmond office after hours.

We certainly regret any inconvenience or dissatisfaction experienced by the customers you identified.  We're working diligently to resolve their concerns and to further our goal of providing excellent service to every customer we serve.

William Katz

Vice President

AmeriGas Propane, Inc.

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