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Acts of Kindness hits the streets


Nominations for our $300 Acts of Kindness segment usually come via phone or e-mail.

But for the next few weeks, I'm hitting the streets all around town, to catch people willing to pay it forward on the spot to someone in need or reward someone's good deeds.

My first stop, one of my favorite Richmond hangouts.

It seemed like a perfect day to go to the park, no surprise where I wanted to show off my homemade sign.

My friends know I'm partial to Byrd Park — this is where I grew up after all, what's not to love. All this greenery, the lakes, the tennis, the carillon.

Of course it helps, there's lots of traffic through these parks, four wheels, two wheels, and folk on foot. Right away, I met a fan.

Fan: "This is Diamond, say... I watch you everyday, cause I think you just gorgeous."

Sabrina: "And I think you're my new best friend."

Ok, short pause for pets. Now back to work, me, my big blue sign and my buddy Columbus will hopefully guide kind givers this way.

"Christopher, will you point people in the right direction?"

I waited... and waved... and met lots of nice people.

Matthew wanted to pay it forward to an Oregon Hill church.

"I think they need it to fix up their building a little bit more."

We tried to make a connection.

"We have no answer at the church, I'm sorry."

Kelly stopped and actually offered to give me money.

"I'll be happy to write you a check for as much as we can."

I told her we're trying to pass on 300 bucks.

"Thank you so much, you are just a beautiful person."

We waited... about 30 minutes.

"We're on the clock to find someone who wants to pay it forward and actually go with them to pass it on in one hour."

With time running out, we were about to pack it in when Shirley Gault stopped, she knew all about Acts of Kindness.

Shirley: "Yeah, I've seen you do that, I thought it was very nice."

Sabrina: "Oh, thank you."

And she knew a friend of a friend who could really use $300.

"The young lady, she's having problems paying her bills, her rent, things with her children and stuff like that."

Next we had to track her down. Shirley made the call.

"She's volunteering right there and her name is Rita Johnson, right?"

We had a name and address, we're set.

Sabrina: "Shirley, I'm gonna pass this on, one-hundred, two-hundred, three-hundred dollars to help this mom struggling to pay her bills."

Shirley: "Alright let's roll."

We follow Shirley to the Fan office where our target is volunteering, Shirley goes in and quickly brings Rita Johnson outside.

Rita: "(laughter) What are you doing here beautiful?"

Sabrina: "We're here to see you beautiful"

Rita: "You going to volunteer today?"

Sabrina: "No we're going to put you on television for Acts of Kindness"

Rita: "Oh my goodness, what's that?"

Shirley: "Rita, I've known you from 1st African Baptist Church, you're good friends with Ellen Hutchinson whom I've known for years."

Rita: "Yes, she's my second mom."

Shirley: "That is why she called you today to find out where you were and for all the things that you've done, not being employed you're a good mother to your daughter, I know how you are with her, I've seen you with her, you dress her immaculately, you do the same, you're a church woman, you believe in God, and trust me one day God is going to find the right job for you, it's on the way, just believe in the lord and I hope that this $300 can help you to do some things, ok?"

Rita: "Thank you so much(hug) oh my God. Wow, this is a blessing, this is truly a blessing. This is going to help with of course rent, it's that time of the month."

Rita, who does PR and marketing, says she and her beautiful little girl—

"Maria Celine, so she's turning five."

—had a rough ride in to the office.

"Today, the bumper fell off of my car, so I picked it up and put it in the back."

Now she might be able to pay for repairs.

"This is unbelievable."

Again, we'll be hitting the streets for the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled!

You never know where Acts of Kindness will make an appearance.

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