UPDATE: Woman killed crossing street in Hopewell

HOPEWELL, VA (WWBT) - An evening out turned into tragedy for one Richmond woman. Police say she was hit and killed by a car while crossing High Avenue near Berry street in Hopewell.

Neighbors say High avenue is a busy street with a lot of speeders. It's not safe when people try to cross that road.

Hopewell Police say a car struck 64-year-old, Janice Stith Jones, while she was on her way to a function at the Elks Lodge.

The only signs left are remnants of stop sticks police used to alert traffic of the wreck.

Officers say Jones was crossing High Avenue between Freeman and Berry streets just before 10 p.m. Saturday night when she was struck. Police say Jones died at the hospital.

Neighbors say High Avenue is busy. It's near an intersection they call five forks. They say some people don't drive the speed limit posted at 35 MPH.

"Oh yeah, people run this road 45 to 55 MPH all day," said neighbor Kenny Bowe.

Police say Jones was actually crossing from an overflow parking lot to the Elks Lodge when they say she was hit in the northbound lane of High Street.

Neighbors say this isn't the first time they've heard of a deadly accident.

"Several people have been killed here," Bowe noted.

Bowe has lived off High avenue since the 1970s. He say she's seen several people get hit and dozens of accidents. No crosswalks or signs are out present to warn drivers. He says people always walk across High avenue.

"Everyday," said Bowe. "A lot of people. Tons of people cross the road."

When there are big events, Bowe says the Elks Lodge usually has people park across the street because the parking lot isn't big enough.

Police say they know who the driver is, but they haven't said if he or she faces any charges.

Hopewell and Virginia State Police are still investigating the wreck. They haven't said if the driver was speeding. Hopewell Police say they'll have updates Monday.

We will bring you the latest developments in the crash.

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