Strip Search Lawsuit

Good Evening, from Sabrina.

A nurse at a Virginia jail is in tears tonight describing her humiliation of being ordered to strip, squat and cough to keep her job.  She's one of nine female contract workers who's now suing the Sheriff.  You'll hear from a couple of women tonight at 11, along with the defiant Sheriff who says he has no regrets.

It's a fast growing area and things will soon be getting more crowded in Short Pump.  More than 400 luxury apartments are being built at North Gayton Road and Bacova Drive.  Tonight we talk to the developer who says the demand is there.   But neighbors insist it's already congested enough.

Be careful what you feed Fido.  Diamond Pet Foods is recalling two types of it's dry dog food because of possible Salmonella contamination.   We confronted a store worker after finding it still on the shelf.

Here's a nice switch, Dominion is decreasing electric rates.  You should start seeing the savings this summer.   We tell you what's behind the lower bills when you join us at 11.