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City cleans up trash at Woodland Cemetery


There's a big mess at one cemetery. In January, we first told you about the trash piled up along Woodland Cemetery. When we went back to the cemetery Tuesday, some trash still remained. The city of Richmond is responsible for cleaning up the road along the property

When we went by the cemetery, there was still trash, so we called the city. Shortly after, workers started cleaning up the road, but part of the eyesore still exists.

Cemetery Groundskeeper, Russell Harris already has a lot of maintenance work to do on the property. The last thing he wants to worry about is a mountain of trash littering part of the hill surrounding the cemetery.

"It's just more work for me I don't want to do," said Harris.

He says the trash started collecting last summer, and he doesn't know who is dumping.

"They'll come in here when they think no one is here and dump their trash," Harris added.

It's not just the trash piled up on the hill that bothers him, it's also the dozens and dozens of trash bags lined along the road leading up to the entrance of the cemetery. Empty drink cans, food boxes, a mattress, and wood piles lines the road.

He says when one person dumps, others see it and follow suit just piling on the mess. Harris says he usually has to call the city to pick up the trash. He called last month. As of this morning, no one had picked up.

"I've seen it lay out there for two or three months and nobody picks it up," Harris added.

City officials say they had no report of litter near the cemetery. However when I called, workers came out almost immediately and picked up the trash lining the road to the cemetery entrance.

As for the trash on the side of the hill, city officials say there's still some discrepancy on who owns that land. It's either Richmond or Henrico County.

The city will return Wednesday to figure out who's property this trash sits on. We'll bring you the latest developments. 

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