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Local bikers react to Hells Angels arrests

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) The news of what Horry County Police call "Operation Red Harvest" spread like wildfire through the biker community. By Tuesday morning, it seemed everyone heard about Monday's raid.

Members from Hells Angels' local chapter were arrested on drug and assault charges.

Bikers tell WMBF News Reporter Erika Gonzalez the recent drug bust could put them a negative light on the local biker community.

Some were surprised by the news and others, completely unaffected. They all seemed to agree one thing, the activities of Hells Angels are not representative of the several other biker groups in Myrtle Beach.

"The biker community, not everybody is the same. As a whole, it brings a bad light to motorcyclists as a whole. What I guess some people probably don't realize, is that there are actually good bikers out there," said one local biker who goes by his biker name, 'Stich.'

With the Spring Harley Bike Rally just days away, business owners are gearing up. Despite the recent string of arrests, owners don't see this incident steering away visiting bikers, but accepting the news will likely be a popular conversation piece.

"That's just a lone incidence. All these people that come here have money to spend. They come down because they like the camaraderie of being with bikers. So I don't expect it to do anything really," said local biker Bobbie Duncan.

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