Henrico barricade situation ends peacefully

Henrico police converge on a quiet neighborhood Monday night urging a wanted man to surrender! This all played out in the Varina area of the county on Trailing Ridge Road.

To hear neighbors tell it -- it looked and sounded like a scene out of a Hollywood movie -- police lights flashing, officers on the loud speaker, urging a suspect to surrender. This all started around 5:30 when police got a call about a man assaulting a woman he knew.

Police say when they arrived the man was inside a house with other people and refused to come out. So authorities called for back up, and blocked off the street. Neighbors tells us what happened next.

"All I saw was just cops lining up, blocking off the road, and they started calling him out on the speakers," said neighbor Erica Smith.

"We heard him talking over the loud speakers, you know, 'Henrico Police. Come outside. We will send in the dog,' and all this and no one came out for the longest time, say about 30-45 minutes, almost an hour," another neighbor Hunter Smith said.

"And they went in with the shields and all that and came out with 7 or 8 duffel bags," added Brandon Simmons.

Police say the man they wanted for the assault was arrested, but we're also hearing at least two other people inside the home were put in cuffs. We do not know if they were charged with any crime. We're also working to find out "why" police took out those duffel bags from the home.

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