One Month After Thunder Storm Nearly Destroys Home

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Jane and Ranger Guyton are desperately trying to get back on their feet after a nasty thunder storm nearly destroyed their home.

One month ago we showed you the damage, minutes after it happened: a tree crashed into the Guyton's bedroom on Oberlin Road -- nearly killing them! It demolished everything along the way including their two vehicles.

Now, a nicely ornamented stump is all that's left of the enormous tree. Things are looking much different.

"This was torn all to pieces the only thing left was this wall and this closet, everything else was completely shattered," said Jane Guyton.

The Guyton's have temporarily moved back into their bedroom but the nights haven't been easy.

A gaping hole in the ceiling is a constant reminder of how close they were to being hurt.

"It's like we can't get it out of our heads how devastating it could have been and how lucky we were and what a mess it was," she said.

The struggle to get around has been tough. The Guyton's vehicles were not covered by insurance and because Ranger is out of work after surgery, they've been struggling to purchase a reliable car.

But in the end, they remain happy they still have each other.

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