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Tonight Chesterfield family members share their home invasion nightmare.  They tell NBC12 armed men broke in, forced adults to strip and lie on the floor and pointed a gun at a five year old's head and stomach.  Sara Bloom reveals what the gunmen were after tonight at 11.

A startling scene in Henrico tonight of a young man with his hands raised in the air and police officers with their guns drawn.   What happened that led to the man being shot, is the focus of a police investigation.  Yvette Yeon reports live with new information at 11.

After embarrassing charges regarding safety and security, Richmond's Mayor orders The City's Juvenile Detention Center be shutdown.  Tonight Laura Geller follows up with what will happen to dozens of detainees and employees.

Before your next meal out, see if your favorite eating place has any critical violations in tonight's Restaurant Report with Heather Sullivan.    Check us out at 11!