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Alleged fraternity hazing event at schools

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Richmond Public Schools sent home some disturbing news to parents Tuesday.  Officials sent a letter letting parents know Blackwell Elementary School may have been used for fraternity hazing.  Now, a full-scale investigation is underway.

The alleged incident took place inside the gym shared by the school and the Blackwell Community Center.  The claims originally said the hazing ritual involved g-strings and baby oil but NBC12 has learned otherwise.

The stories have been spreading throughout the Blackwell Elementary community.  So much so Richmond Public Schools eventually sent home a letter pointing a finger at Blackwell principal Daryl Roselle.

"To hear of this is just unacceptable," said Kjelene Hunt, whose son is in third grade.

The note said the principal participated in an unauthorized meeting held in the building while it was empty during spring break.  The way parents heard it, however, the April 7 meeting was actually a fraternity hazing ritual involving g-strings and baby oil. 

"There could have been anything left behind, evidence of what has happened or may have happened here," Hunt told us.  "Kids are curious so they could always go looking for something and not even know what they've found."

A district spokesperson said there's no evidence those items were involved but, "…We are extremely concerned that proper protocols were not followed."

According to published reports, Alpha Phi Alpha is the fraternity involved.  The chapter identified is not associated with any specific university. 

The letter does not specifically mention Mr. Roselle's employment status but does say the two assistant principals are now in charge.  In a statement to us, officials said the district will take disciplinary action if necessary.

The Richmond Education Association explained it has received multiple complaints about the way Principal Roselle treats staff.  This is his first year at the school.

"To me that's a terrible example of leadership," Hunt said, as she picked up her son from an after school program Tuesday night.

Richmond Police officials told NBC12 they have not been asked to step in.

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