Pay Stations coming to Downtown Richmond Monday

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - You're not going to need to worry about keeping loose change in your car for those parking meters anymore in Downtown Richmond.

The city is replacing many of those meters with pay stations on several major streets Downtown and it all starts tomorrow.

Whether it's 10 minutes or one hour you'll now be able to pay for street parking using credit cards, debit cards, or even paper money.

Sharon North of Richmond Public Works says this will allow for more parking spaces in a given area.

"It's a small machine, not a whole lot bigger than a parking meter but able to accommodate approximately 10 vehicles per station", said north.

The change is cutting edge. It not only looks better but one of the biggest incentives is it'll help lower maintenance costs for the city.

Plus, if one of the meters breaks, the city won't have to break into the concrete to pull the meter out.

North explains how it will work, "As opposed to dropping money into a parking meter they'll come over to the pay station and that's where they pay it, it will dispense a ticket that they'll put on the dash board of their car that's visible through the windshield so that the Parking Enforcement Officers who are walking along the streets can see that and know they are not parking illegally."

Starting Monday, signs will be in place notifying drivers of the pay stations.

Parking Enforcement Officers will also be available to assist.

The pay stations will be on East Marshall St., two on North 9th St., one on East Main St. and another on West Broad St. The city says it hopes to install more pay stations in the future.

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