Jury duty scam returns

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Crooks are betting many people have forgotten about an old scam. Police say the Jury Duty scam is circulating again. Callers claim to be with the courts and try to trick you into believing you've failed to show up for jury duty.

John Everett, with the National White Collar Crime Center says be on alert. He says the scammers are preying on your civic duty. He says, "I think we are all wired to want to comply to what is required of us as American citizens and that is just something I think the scammers are preying on."

Everett says there's been a resurgence of this old scam. If you get one of the calls, be prepared for the crooks to be bold and use scare tactics to get your personal information. One threat used to collect, they claim there's a warrant out for your arrest. "Some instance they take it a step further and they ask for your credit card information so that you can just pay a fee and you will absolved of any crime," Everett says.

Don't fall for it. The courts will never call and ask for you personal information. Remember, if there is a problem with you serving jury duty, generally you get a letter in the mail. The criminals are usually after your information to steal your identity and they are rarely caught.

Everett says, "In some case they are but it is hard. Your first line of defense is yourself and not responding and giving out personal information to someone you have no idea of and it's unsolicited."

If you ever have any questions about jury duty, contact the courts directly. If you think you've been a victim of this crime, experts say monitor your account statements and credit reports, and contact your local FBI office.

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