Education Editorial: The Great American Dream

By: Bill Bosher - email

My Dad ran an appliance business for 37 years with a high school education. My Mother, who never had a chance to finish high school, was the champion at any intellectual game that she played with the children and grandchildren.

Their great American dream was to send two sons to college. My brother, an outstanding vascular surgeon, and I were fortunate to have been raised to believe in education and working hard.

Today, it seems that many young people and their families believe that only half of the equation is necessary. While much research points to greater earning power with a college degree, some media outlets are focusing on the overlooked population of those who hold successful jobs without going to college.

CNN ran a piece called, "20 big-salary jobs, no degree required." These roles include lead carpenters, service station managers, real estate brokers, painting supervisors, locomotive engineers, flight controllers, and web surfers.

Have you had the need to call a plumber, electrician, auto mechanic or body specialist?

We recently spoke to the ever-increasing debt that is held by young people who finish college…as well as those who drop out without a degree.

Remove the debt and get a four or five-year head start in the workforce, and you might find that the earnings over a lifetime are surprising.

The truth is that not everyone needs to go to college! Strong skills and a great work ethic are likely to trump a degree…perhaps the "Great American Dream" is actually the "Great American Myth."

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