Voter information found in Chesterfield dumpster

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Names and social security numbers tossed in the trash by Chesterfield County's Registrar. Now, the department is apologizing to voters for what it calls, an accident.

Those sensitive documents were found in a dumpster, outside the registrar's office, by a passerby. The incident involves the confidential information of several voters.

Deputy Registrar, Deborah Altice, says  "A portion of their registration applications got mixed in with regular trash and was thrown out."

News of the data breach is causing concern among some voters in the county, including Jessie Brown, who is worried about identity theft.

"I'd think they take a lot better care than what they're doing obviously," said Brown.

The Deputy Registrar tells NBC12 that three slips of paper containing sensitive voter information were thrown out inadvertently and the office is sorry.

Voter, Belinda Price, calls the incident, scary.

"Identity theft is going on out here all the time. It's very surprising and I hope they can fix it and get everything straight for everybody in the county," said Price.

The registrar's office says somehow a portion of several registration applications, which include information on a voter's name, date of birth, and social security number, became grouped with a bunch of envelopes to be tossed in the trash.

As a result of the incident the office is now expanding it's document disposal procedure.

All paper the office handles will now be shredded.

The documents will be kept in a locked box and shredded on site.

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