Buy tissues, get free gas

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Even though it's gone down a bit, gas is averaging $3.84 a gallon. That's anywhere from 40 to more than 80 bucks to fill one tank.

Every week, Martin's grocery stores offer fuel perks when you buy certain products. This week is the best deal I've seen yet.

Puffs Tissues are $1.25 each. When you buy three, you'll get 20 cents off per gallon, with a maximum of 20 gallons per fill up. With tax, you'll pay $3.94 for the tissues and get $4 worth of gas. You profit six cents every time you work this deal.

On my weekly shopping excursion, I bought more than 60 boxes of tissues. I had two bonus coupons. One took off $3, the other gave me more gas points. So in the end, I spent less than $80 for 64 boxes of tissues.

Can't imagine spending that much on one product? The gas savings more than pay for it. I'm going to get $4.80 off per gallon on my next trip. What I don't use carries over. At $3.89 a gallon, I'll have a little less than a dollar off per gallon for the next gas station visit.

The tank only holds 15 gallons, so I always bring along an extra tank to get that last five gallons. When I've burned half of this free tank, I've got another five gallons to top it off. I'm only going to pay tax — grand total for 20 gallons of gas, 38 cents.

So what do you do with 64 boxes of tissues? I'll keep some. It's not like they expire, and they stack nicely against the wall. The rest can be donated to schools or organizations like women's shelters and the VA hospital.

Here is a link to participating locations.

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