Police release identity of double shooting suspect

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Police have released the identity of the man suspected in the deadly double shooting on Richmond's Stockton Street.

Randy L. Trent, 20, has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder — other charges are pending.

Late Thursday afternoon, police sources confirmed the gunman suspected in the shooting deaths of two brothers turned himself in.

A neighbor who's spoken with Trent told us he's very distraught and constantly crying.

Neighbors said this fight was over dog waste in the hall and the animal's owner not cleaning up.

In a picture too graphic to show the bodies of two brothers, Ahmad and Ahkeem Phillips, who were both shot in the head, lay on the floor of an apartment building. One man had his arm around the other in a sign of brotherly love.

"They were laying there in a puddle of blood," one neighbor, who didn't want to give her name explained.

Tobacco Factory residents told us Ahmad, who lives there, started the fight after a neighbor's dog went to the bathroom in the hall. While we were at the building Thursday, an animal control officer took away a dog.

"The dog poop was going from one door back in front of the other door," a neighbor recalled.  "There was exchanging of dog poop. It all appeared to be just behind dog poop."

In talking to residents, we've learned dog droppings in the hallways are actually not uncommon. They described feces and urine in the building, which made it difficult to pinpoint whose dog the waste belongs to.

Police confirmed they responded to the apartment for a dispute involving these same individuals earlier Thursday night.

"He confronted the guy," a neighbor said about Ahmad. "He kept harassing him, telling him he was going to hurt him."

Circumstances escalated and led to the shooting.

"Four gunshots were shot, then not even seconds later more was shot off," one resident said.

Ahkeem died in the lobby. Ahmad succumbed to his wounds about an hour later at VCU Medical Center.

Residents, in an area the city has tried to revitalize, are on edge. This is the second shooting in less than a week.

"It already had a bad name as the South side of Richmond but it's not doing nothing but making things worse," one resident, who's moving this weekend explained.

The Richmond Police Department assured residents these events are isolated.

"We've had some incidents that have occurred in April that have occurred in a short two to three week time period," Major Steve Drew said. "I want the citizens to be upset. I don't want them to accept that."

Monday's shooting happened just a few blocks from the double homicide. Police said detectives are working some strong leads after getting tips from the community. No arrests have been made.

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