Vandals & thieves strike cars

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – Vandals and thieves are on the loose in Chesterfield.  They've hit more than two dozen cars in multiple neighborhoods.  Vehicles were broken into; items were stolen and in some cases cars were even spray painted.  This happened in Chester on Caronado Drive, Shop and Gill Streets, along with Colby Cove Court.

The incident occurred on two different nights, which were the last two Chesterfield students were on spring break.  Investigators said during that time, they saw a significant jump in car break-ins.

Monday morning, Carole Spickerman had a rude awakening.  She said there were swastikas and what she describes as a gang sign tagged on her three vehicles.  She filed a police report.  The insurance company estimates it'll cost almost $1200 to fix the damage.

"In light of all the serious crimes that go on they think this is just a joke," Spickerman said.  "It's not a joke. I mean, it's going to cost us money with the deductibles and everything."

Police told NBC12 seven vehicles here were spray painted and thieves rummaged through at least another dozen.

"They never know who they're dealing with," Spickerman explained.  "There could have been somebody in here who was a survivor."

Two miles away and about 24 hours earlier another group of cars was hit on Shop Street.

Julianna Morgan didn't notice the break-in until she couldn't find her credit card.  She had left it in her car along with her son's Leapster game and money.  She found almost $400 of suspicious charges.

"It was so upsetting," Morgan told us.  "It's devastating when somebody violates you but it's even more devastating when they steal from your child."

Morgan and her six neighbors, who were also targets, have a theory.

"It's teenagers with nothing better to do than to just steal from people who work hard for their money," she guessed.

Again, police told NBC12, they've seen a large spike in thefts from cars during spring break.  In some cases, those thefts could reach felony amounts.  No word yet on a firm connection among the cases.

If you know anything, call Crime Solvers at 748-0660.

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