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Chesterfield woman nominates caretaker

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - We're paying it forward in Chesterfield to a woman her neighbor calls "the most compassionate caretaker."

Not only is she managing her own family's serious medical issues, she's opened her home to displaced families and pets, and looks after kids around the apartment complex.

She's been a rock for a single working mom and full time student who nominated her for today's Acts of Kindness.

"We met from our children playing in the parking lot together," said Jenine. "We just became friends instantly."

Graduate student and single mom Jenine says her neighbor Tina provides critical life support.

"I don't have family in Richmond, so for days when I have to write long papers or travel, she's right there, she keeps my daughter. When I have to work late, Tina is there for me, I wouldn't be able to do it without her."

Tina even adopted Harper, when the puppy became a handful for Jenine. For kids around their apartment complex, Tina is a surrogate parent.

"Tina takes all the neighborhood children to church service on Wednesday night and Sunday."

She's the nurturer who's given food and shelter to a displaced family.

"An entire family on what little she does have."

Tina's been the caretaker through her own family's challenges — an ailing father, a brain-injured husband, a sister with Alzheimer's, a brother battling addiction.

"She gives so much to everyone and that's why I want to honor her."

Sabrina: "Jenine, we are thrilled to pass on this Act of Kindness: one-hundred, two-hundred, three-hundred dollars."

The two of us then take a walk around the corner to Tina's place. She thinks she's giving Jenine a ride to the doctor's.

Jenine. "Tina, I nominated you for Acts of Kindness—"

Tina: "No you didn't!"

Jenine: "Yes, I did!"

Sabrina: "You're not taking her to the doctor. We came to see the doctor. Because you're the one making everyone in the neighborhood feel better."

Tina: "Oh Jenine, I love you!"

Sabrina: "We have a little token of appreciation.

Tina: "Oh my god."

Jenine: "One,two,three hundred."

Tina: "I can't believe you did this (tears) that is too sweet, y'all want to come in?"

Tina explains that her own family's struggles have made her more compassionate towards others.

Tina: "I can't stand to see anybody suffers (tears) if I can just bring a little bit of happiness to someone..."

As far as the cash—

Tina: "I got a lot of needs right now, financially, so that's going to be wonderful."

Tina wants to bring her car up to par.

Tina: "I have to have my car to be able to run around and do for everybody."

Sabrina: "Did your neighbor surprise you?"

Tina: "Surprise me? Oh my god (hugs Jenine) you are just too sweet."

If there's an organization or individual you believe deserves an Act of Kindness, e-mail me. Remember, it cannot be a relative. Send your nomination to KINDNESS@NBC12.COM.

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