Education Editorial: Translating ideas into regulation

By: Bill Bosher - email

The General Assembly, officially, finished its 2012 session on March 10 and will reconvene for its "veto" session on April 18.

It is difficult, except perhaps in Del Kirk Cox's government classes, to explain the intensity of the process.

Its members are real people who are selected by their fellow citizens. Ordinary people under the pressure of 3000 proposed pieces of legislation to be reviewed, amended and "disposed of"…that is passed, tabled, killed or as the late Sen. Andrews would say, "placed in repose"…

High volume, high pressure, high stakes, and high margin for error…Perhaps each legislator should ask before introducing or voting on a bill, "now how will this work on Monday?"

House Bill 1092 was passed overwhelmingly by the General Assembly after being introduced by an outstanding physician who understands the issue….student health. The bill requires that the Virginia Board of Education promulgate standards for health and physical education with the involvement of organizations like the Heart and Lung Associations.

The Governor has vetoed the bill.

While the "legislative intent" is important, the question may be whether or not the General Assembly should routinely direct through law that constitutional bodies, like the Board of Education, must translate ideas into regulation…what we do on Monday?

It's the way that Family Life Education began…Sex Ed.

The power to require something should perhaps be subordinated to what it looks like when it is done.

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