On Your Side Alert: Virus attacks Macs

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Mac users, it appears the day of reckoning has come.

Thanks to a well-documented flaw that Apple didn't patch for three months, hundreds of thousands of people are now infected with a virus that could get nasty.

The virus is called "Mac Flashback." A Russian security company called Dr. Web discovered it and has been tracking its progress for a little while now. It says about 600,000 Macs are infected, most of them in this country. If your computer is one of them, your information could be vulnerable to hackers.

The good news is, Apple has now patched the problem.  So make sure you have the latest updates for your operating system. The bad news: that won't help if your Mac is already infected.

To find out if it is you can go online to the Dr. Web site -- drweb.com. They have a script that will check for you.

Unfortunately, if it turns out your computer has the "flashback" virus, the process for getting rid of it can be a little complicated. If you're still running one of the old Power PC Macs, Apple doesn't release updates for those anymore, meaning your computer is still vulnerable.

Link to find out whether you have the virus click here.

To find out what to do if you have the virus click here.

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