Kids' Art Stays for Easter on Parade

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The annual Easter on Parade has wrapped up and this year's festival was a little different than in years past.

Large paintings were on display along Monument Avenue after a controversial mix-up at City Hall.

These paintings were on display all along Monument Avenue in the Fan earlier this week.

City Hall revoked the permit for the paintings because it double booked the median, so Sunday the art condensed to just a few blocks during the festival.

The art was going to come down on Friday ahead of Easter on Parade, but a compromise was made to allow the art to stay up through this weekend.

Debbie Reading has come to Easter on Parade for years.

"It's something different," Reading said. "Something colorful and bright and cheerful."

She's one of many people we talked to that think the art is a nice change of pace.

"It's great," she said. "I think anything that's different and anything where children are able to express themselves is great."

The thirty or so paintings were clumped into three blocks, mostly away from much of the action.

The original permit would have allowed these paintings to stay on display until the first week of May. Now that the art is coming down this weekend, there are some neighbors here along Monument Avenue that are going to display the art in their front yards.

Stephanie Goldberg lives along Monument Avenue.

"We felt we could do something to support them," Goldberg said.

She's one of several neighbors in the area that will soon have one of these big paintings on display in their front yard.

"We said we'd put them in our yards and I'm sure there are plenty of people that would as well," she said. "The minute we started talking about it, it literally became viral and people started offering."

Goldberg says so many neighbors volunteered she had to turn several people away.

These paintings are being taken down Sunday at 6pm and will be on display in these neighbors' yards by the end of the evening.

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